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Why have I chosen to base my entire business around movement?

Movement wasn’t a conscious choice that I planned from the start. My only agenda has ever been to help all of my clients in the best way I believe possible and from what I have found from reading journals and research, from my own personal training and the continuing work I’ve done with my clients, movement training trumps everything else, and it seems the more I emphasise movement the better results I get so in short, movement works!

So what can movement help with?

In Strength and Fitness?

As I started as a personal trainer, helping clients reach fitness goals was my job and very quickly I realised better movement is a no brainer. If in 30 minutes I can get someone to deadlift and extra 30kg, then they are going to be able to do more work, train harder and get to their goals faster. If I improve running technique so that a 10k feels easier on the joints then you can now focus on taxing the cardiovascular system and pushing your fitness levels through the roof.

This is only possible when you put movement quality first.

With Pain?

Teaching clients to develop new movement skills has been critical in helping manage many different conditions. Please note I am not a pain specialist nor a physiotherapist. What I actually do is coach movement and from doing what I do I have gotten a lot of success through referrals from different therapists, who want me to look at and help patients with their movement patterns. In the process I am now quite (very) well read up on the latest pain research out of necessity and interest. To fully explain my position in how SD Movement helps with pain is an article in itself, which I will write in the near future. However the bottom line is that developing movement skills can be hugely beneficial in the management of  chronic pain conditions and the rehab process in acute injuries.

Being able to move is critical, it is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night. Do yourself a huge favour and take the time to develop your movement skills. I promise you won’t regret it.

Don’t know where to get started? Get in touch below and let me show you just how much you can do


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