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Before you decide to come and spend a weekend with me I thought I’d introduce myself and explain what this weekend is all about. My name is Scott and I’m a personal trainer operating out of Glasgow, on top of that I am also a course director and tutor for Faster Health and Fitness and my passion for what I do is deeply routed in teaching movement. I am obsessed with human movement! As you can imagine I am more than a little excited about taking a full weekend to fully introducing you to my approach to training and movement, so whether you are a fellow trainer or just another movement enthusiast my goal is to take on a journey and open you up to the world of movement training.

Regardless of what your training goals are, taking the time to develop your movements skills will be invaluable in your development. If you want to gain muscle , having the skill to contract muscles in the correct sequence will allow you to lift more weight for a greater volume of time and combine that with enough food and you have got yourself some a recipe for some tasty hypertrophy. If fat burning is your main focus then a greater capacity to move will better allow you burn off that excess energy or calories . Having a more refined control of your movement will give your body an increased number of movement solutions for any given problem that will seriously decrease your chances of injury and when you dig a little deeper into the research it is a huge component in pain management.

For sports performance goals you will not be surprised about the importance of movement skills. In every sport I can think of there is will always be a large emphasis on the performance of certain skills and the greater your skill level the greater chance of victory. Over this weekend I will share with you how to break down different skills and then build them back up even better than before. Recently I have been studying the MMA game where movement training is causing more than a little controversy. More and more fighters are looking to new ways to develop their skills and hone their techniques, and this is something that has grabbed my attention again. As a result I have been really enjoying bringing this form of training into my own development as I revisit some of my old martial arts training and learning some new ones.

Together we will look at some myths and partial truths polluting the fitness industry and my hope is to bust a few of these myths along the way. We will be discussing why simply improving range of motion in a joint , or hypertrophy a certain muscle will not necessarily improve performance nor reduce the risk of injury. I will demonstrate you how your brain and Central Nervous System is what is most likely limiting your movement potential far move than your body, muscles and joints are. The fun starts when I start to teach you and show you how to connect brain and body back together again and to reclaim your capacity for movement. The weekend will challenge you , it will change you , and will provide you with new insights and perspectives on how to fully utilise the body in which we live . To avoid disappointment book now .

Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing you there



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Getting a massive improvement in the overhead squat in just 40 seconds



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