This video is pretty hard hitting in so many ways.

I’ve seemingly gotten myself into a position where I get to help quite a lot of people in pain. One thing I’ve noticed is that people suffering from pain are already trying absolutely everything the can to cure their back pain. A lot of the advice they’ve received is to help themselves by exercise and the focus seems to be centred around strengthening their core, or activating their glutes or releasing muscles, trigger points and tension.

“We’ve developed a belief system that back pain is about structure”

As a result of this belief system, the fitness industry has jumped all over this shouting about how much it can alter structure. I’m not arguing that ten weeks of good core and glute training will hypertrophy and strengthen those muscles but if structure isn’t the problem then creating better structure probably won’t be the answer.

But research has clearly shown that exercise is really helpful for back pain. Wouldn’t core training fall under the category of exercise? This fits in nicely with the dilemma that I see a lot of people facing
I’m in pain, I hear exercise is good but I’m scared to do it because if I do it wrong it will make it worse. What movements are the right movements and what happens if I get it wrong?
“The things that they’ve been advised to do, very often feed the problem that we’ve created”
Just have a watch how people in pain move in this video, how could you possibly expect them to exercise in any kind of effective manner, if they can’t stoop down to pick up a pen?

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