This is quite a good example of how I take a movement based approach to improve something like a sidekick.

Before we go any further, there must be some level of skill before this can really work. In this video David has a decent understanding of the side kick but as a fighter it was never something that was in his attacking arsenal, so it’s a little unpolished.

From an assessment and training point of view I got really interested in what the right hip (standing leg) was doing.

I added some shoulder presses to the kick, you can see how as the left helps with creating abduction, and the right hand hinders it.

I then looked at kicking from a squat position as a means of getting extending the hip as he creates abduction for the kick.

The bicep curl was introduced because there isn’t any movement that a bicep curl won’t improve

The end product is a more balanced feeling kick, is it perfect? Not yet but the point isn’t about creating a perfect technique but using movement to improve what we already have.