Today I experienced first hand just how important movement is in helping manage pain.

Some of you may be able to relate to my story.

Yesterday I hurt my back during a training session, I’m not exactly sure when I hurt it as the onset was slow but as I left the gym I could feel it growing on me. I ignored it at first but as the evening wore on it started to feel pretty bad bad. Sitting on my couch I could feel it every time I moved and I was afraid to sit up or move. I put it down to fatigue and went to bed hoping it would be fine in the morning.

When I awoke the next morning and it had not gotten better, and I felt a shooting pain in my lower back every time I leaned forward. Not enough to make me feel sick but enough to catch my breath. As I tried to get ready for I was feeling pretty anxious about the day ahead. I have to teach people how to move better and I was unable to reach my feet without a very noticeable wince, even with bending my knees. Walking was ok although I imagine it looked like I sat on a very long poker, I felt stiff and terrified to move in the wrong way.

I would show you a video but I really wasn’t up for filming myself in the state I was in.

Time to start practicing what I preach.

I spent a little time searching out pain free movements, slowly trying to do things that didn’t aggravate me in any way, and I started to find things I could do, and then I found more. It’s like the fear I had built up was completely irrational, my brain locked me down to doing nothing just in case anything hurt. In the back of my mind I was thinking spinal injury, and thoughts like that will stop you moving pretty damn quick.

As I searched for and found positive movement experiences that reinforced the notion that I wasn’t broken, that my body is strong, resilient and capable my capacity to move came back to me and so I started filming. This truly felt incredible after what I felt in the morning.

Tonight, as I reflect on my day, it got me thinking lots about how much people suffer from chronic pain. This was just one morning, I can’t imagine this on a daily basis, and whilst I am not completely back to my usual self I am comfortable. I suspect I have picked up a minor injury that will heal in time and I’ll be fine. I believe the location of the injury made the pain much worse, the amount of bad back injuries I’ve seen probably didn’t help, and given how important being able to move is to my ability to earn a living and pay bills, well that only upped the ante even further.

I have been using movement to help people in pain for a quite a while now and I’ve seen it work wonders. I have seen huge transformations in really short spaces of time and I know quite a lot of my clients can testify to this.

Today I got to experience the effect of movement on pain myself and the relief I felt in that session was incredible. I cannot understate the importance of movement training in the role of pain management, if you’re in pain and afraid to move, please get in touch as I can really help you get your movement back.

Thank you so much for reading