Does the mere thought of exercise put you off doing it?

Working in the fitness industry seems like an uphill struggle at times, convincing people to exercise is something that we’re failing miserably at and a big part of me just can’t understand why.

Just a few of the benefits of doing some exercise include
-You’ll look better
-You’ll feel better
-You’ll think better
-It helps prevent and manage pain,
-It helps to keep you from getting sick,
-It helps you manage and recover from a host of different physical and mental illnesses,
Yet people don’t want to do it?

Whilst I don’t know everyones reasons for why they don’t want to exercise, But I have a few thoughts as to why.

  • -It’s sold as painfully hard work, Lots of No Pain, No Gain bullshit
  • -You have to be super dedicated to get results, If you’re lucky you’ll have a trainer that allows a cheat day.
  • -It’s boring!  Does anybody actually want to just pick a bar up to put it back down in the exact same spot 30 times in a row. I’m a Personal Trainer and even I don’t want to do that.

I’m not entirely sure how I fight this? I’m not sure what I can possibly say that would make you believe that training doesn’t have to be a hard slog. That training can be actually fun and rather than the pretend kind.

Believe me when I say I’ve been there, I’ve been a trainer for quite a few years now and at times I have really struggled to stay interested in exercise. I completely understand that everyone is completely different in what they like to do, but my role isn’t to get you doing my thing, it’s to provide you with an environment to find out what you really like to do and get you doing that. 

Would you like the benefits of exercise without the slog, comment below to find out how.