What separates SD movement with regard to personal training is rooted in my attention to detail.  

How you move, how you perform an exercise and the muscles you use to do so are completely intertwined and they cannot be separated. How do you know whether or not you’re using the muscles you want to?

What I’ve noticed from paying attention to how all my clients move is that everybody is unique. I believe that anything that promotes general exercise is quite simply suboptimal, so to maintain the highest standards of I training  for all my clients I always look to design a workout that is completely tailored to you.

This is a variation of the squat that allows me to get much more glute activation than just an ordinary back squat.

Most training programs out there usually advise the exercises that are most likely to get the muscles you want to hit and hide this lack of individualisation by pretending that it’s the sets and reps that make the difference.  If the movement doesn’t actually hit the muscle then it doesn’t matter how many you do. I often see squats prescribed to work your glutes, and there is a good chance that they’ll do some of the work but I can guarantee it’s not the best exercise to target them.

Any exercise touted as the best exercise for a certain muscle without having a specific client in mind is wrong and guesswork at best. My coaching style is based upon discovering your best exercise and I look to  bridge that gap to make sure you get the best program for you. I refuse to give out generic programs as every exercise I prescribe is tailored specifically to you.

It is this level of detail that ensures that every client gets the absolute most out of each and every exercise guaranteeing results. 

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