Today I’m writing my first blog of 2019 and my first article in here in ages. It’s been something I’ve been meaning to get back to for a while now. So why not start with a New Year New Me themed post.
I’ve never been a real believer in the whole new year, new me, new year’s resolutions thing. I would hazard a guess to say that this came from my experience of watching hundreds of people fail year after year. The gym is already filling up with people who will inevitably give up before the time it takes to notice any significant results.

However last year (2018), I managed to make considerable changes to my own life. Aside from the obvious getting married, moving to a new country and completely restarting my business there I did also make a couple of New Year’s resolutions to go with that.

My first resolution was to read more books but more specifically fiction. Almost everything I’ve read for the past 10 years has been fitness related, either journals or books designed to help my career. However after spending some time with my wife I’ve come to appreciate the importance of stories and as such I was inspired to read more. Which I did, maybe not quite as much as I’d like to but I still read more and will continue to do so. My other resolution was to get into regular Jiu Jitsu training. With moving to a another city I knew I would probably have to retire from playing football and with that it opened up space in my life for a new focus. So my aim for the year was to find a club and start training consistently which I’ve managed to do. So I made two resolutions and I’ve managed to stick them out.

This year my New Year’s resolutions are continuations of last years. Not only am I going to continue to read more fiction but on top of that I’m going to write more. This includes both keeping a journal of life of Scott (which is only for me) but also blogging more again, hence this post. So please check back often if you are interested in any thoughts I have that I feel worth posting in here about. My other goal is to continue my Jiu Jitsu training and earn a blue belt before the end of the year.

So stay tuned as there is more to come…