This morning I got into an interesting discussion with a client over the topic of self care and taking the time to look after yourself. It’s a massive industry aiming at selling you what won’t actually help in taking care of yourself.

It seems to me what most a lot of people associate with self care isn’t actually that but a series of rewards they believe they have earned. Things like a spa break, relaxing massages, maybe a few beers or a bottle of wine at the end of the day/week. Maybe I’m wrong and these are a form of self care but I’m inclined to categorise rewards as something distinctly different to self care.

Self Care is doing the thing that future you will really appreciate. It’s having a conversation with that voice in your head, guiding you to where you want to go and then acting upon it.

With the client I was talking with, the example of her came up and how going to the gym, getting stronger and fitter allowed her to get through Christmas without any stiffness or pain. How the work done in the gym (which wasn’t always nice) paid off and allowed her future self to take some time off and truly relax.
For me it’s the act of just writing this blog and posting it. It’s something the voice in my head has been telling me to do. I’ve felt things were getting stale and my creativity is waning in my work and writing is the process that will help me out of this funk. I’m not particularly enjoying this right now, but I know as I get back into the habit it will get easier and it will make me better.