SD Movement is here to improve your ability to move as a human being.

The Why

Exercise doesn’t need to be hard work

Here at SD Movement we believe that training should be fun and engaging and something you want to do rather than have to do.

 Exercise will improve your life in almost every way you can think of,
     – You’ll look better,
     – You’ll feel better,
     – It’ll help with just about every illness and ailment going

Yet most people still find it hard to engage in it and see it as a slog.


I want to make movement fun again,



The What 

Your goals are exactly that, your goals. Everyone has their own unique goals and I strive to set myself apart by providing you with training sessions that hit targets and goals that are actually important to you. When you train with SD Movement, we will really delve into what matters to you and what you like to do so you’re training sessions will be uniquely yours.



The Starting Point

I am more than happy to work with anybody of any level, Doesn’t matter about your background or where you want to go I am more than willing to help. If you are a professional athlete looking to improve your movement skill to give you the edge in your arena, if you just want to be able to pick stuff up from the group pain free or anything in between, SD Movement is here to help



The Result

This is the business I really deal in. Once we’ve figured out where you’re at , where you’re going and how you’d like to get there, results are inevitable and not something you really need to worry about.


Regardless of your goals in training and in life, a greater ability to move will most definitely help and in a nutshell this is what I do. Move Better, Feel Better