Bodyweight Mastery

Whether you believe me or not, your body is a truly incredible work of art and is capable of way more than you realise. Your muscles are so much stronger, more flexible more adaptable than your mind can truly appreciate and as a result I see so many people squandering their one opportunity to use the marvellous body they’ve got.
I created Bodyweight Mastery to change this, to provide you with a blueprint in how to unlock your full potential so you can really get the most out of your body. To help you find your true strength, to help you become more mobile, flexible, and fluid. To allow you to become more adaptable and creative in how you can move.

The Bodyweight Mastery program has been designed for all abilities,  it meets you at your level, and will train you to go wherever you want to depending on your goals. The program begins in a fairly rigid fashion to provide you with a base set of movement skills that can be enhanced and developed, but as you progress the course opens up and allows you to direct your training in the direction you would like. I’m looking to build a community of movers that are all on their own path and helping those around to reach theirs.

Running Conditioning 
Would you like to run better? Running conditioning has been created to improve your technique, increase your fitness and get you running faster for longer in the most efficient manner possible. Your muscles will get worked, your fitness will improve, your technique will get better and your risk of injury will decrease. This class is a no-brainer for anyone who is thinking about starting running or runs regularly,