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I was recommended to see Scott in Jan 2017, a year after 3 fractures and minor surgery on my right foot. In the meantime I had only managed a partial recovery – I was up and running, but still with some pain and a noticeably one-sided gait. I also had residual muscular aches in my upper back that had been concurrent with the foot injury.

My aim was relatively simple to say, but not so easy to achieve: to pass selection for the Royal Marines and start training in September 2017.

So my challenge to Scott was not just to get me running pain-free, but to build an all-round fitness and robustness in movement that would allow me to complete selection and the subsequent training.

My testimony is simple – I passed selection (and more easily than I had done 3 years previously, just before my injury) and am now 9 successful months in to training with the Royal Marines. I look forward to being able to update this testimony having successfully completed the Commando Tests, but that will be down to my mental drive; Scott’s work in helping me to get here is done.

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I really believe that Scott’s movement based training was very beneficial in developing an all-round “useful” strength – not specialised in heavy lifting or a particular type of strength. This was key for me in my application to the Royal Marines which involves a large range of movements from crawling to carrying or dragging others.

Theo Scott

Working with Scott has helped me play football pain-free for the first time in 2 seasons.
From the start he was honest and thorough as we tried to identify what was causing the problem and then he made sessions enjoyable as we worked to fix it. I picked up an un-related injury and instead of using up some of my sessions, he was a true pro and recommended I see a physio in case he made the situation worse. After getting the all clear it was back to work.
Sessions were good fun and tailored to exactly what I needed. He was meticulous and gave excellent advice. Highly recommend his service and likely I’ll book back in for pre-season prep.
Chris McKenna

I have known Scott for good few years now and fully aware of his work. So after I finished my sessions with my physiotherapist we both agreed Scott would be the best person to move onto.

I attended physiotherapy due to spinal/pelvis and hip issues and after finishing my sessions I was advised I had to start moving my body as a whole, for 5 years I’ve weight trained and broken my body into sections. Scott was the perfect person to help me with this, due to his incredible  knowledge and understanding of movement coupled with his skills in coaching.

After 5 amazing sessions with Scott I was able to get back out running after 5 years, was deadlifting and squatting without any pain. My biggest accomplishment was overcoming childhood fear when Scott brought out the rings and taught me how to forward flip and back flip (Amazing).      

Scott doesn’t over coach which I find great, you can get overloaded with information then you end up over thinking the exercise. He looks and finds a way of getting you where you need to be without being so technical.

I would highly recommend Scott 🙂

Natalie Reid

I got in touch with Scott back in 2015 initially to help me with lower back pain. Before working with Scott I had seen countless Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Orthopaedic Consultants but experienced  no real improvement. I was more than a bit skeptical that I was going to find a solution.

Scott’s approach I soon discovered was different.
Scott has a very deep understanding of movement coupled with terrific coaching skills. He provided challenging activities which raised my confidence and he had me squatting, jumping,crawling and even doing handstands after just a handful of sessions!. I had immediate relief from my first session and remain free of back pain.
Scott’s help as a Personal Trainer mentor has been invaluable. I had no idea when starting work with Scott of the massive impact it was going to have on me professionally. Starting a new business is a scary enough prospect add to that one in the fitness industry where long term success is rare but I need not have fretted.
I regard myself as very fortunate to have benefited from Scott’s knowledge and his on going support allowing my business to grow from a handful of clients to the flourishing company it now is.  I have a wealth of new skills, heaps of confidence and a full diary of happy clients!
Lynne Pearson

I have been seeing a good physio since I first did the damage and am lucky enough to work with a great personal trainer who puts a lot of emphasis on correct movement patterns and mobility during training, however my recovery if you like had been stalled for about six weeks, which made me think there was still a piece of the puzzle missing. First thing’s first. Scott is genuinely enthusiastic about what he does – this was apparent right from the word go. What does he do exactly? The only way I can really explain it is that he works with you to assess your movement patterns and biomechanics and helps you understand how they translate to any instabilities or issues you might be having. In my case, I actually had the correct movement patterns and placements, but was only applying them when weightlifting as opposed to when I am going about my day to day business. It was actually a lightbulb moment to realise that a few little adjustments and someone helping me understand where the ‘pain’ was coming from could actually minimise the continual discomfort. Sometimes in the case of injuries, rehabilitation and pain improvement, it’s worth thinking outside the box and trying a treatment more tailored to you as a person rather than you as a machine. Thank you! Let me know if that ticks your communication boxes Still a massive whopping improvement in the constant discomfort I was in and Sam absolutely HAMMERED my hinging when I trained with him on Thursday. Kb swings in all their variation, sumo deadlifts, barbell squats. Things that would normally have me in agony. Minimal pain however and managed to work hard the whole session. Lots of overhead squats today too. 90 I think it was. Awesome You’re clearly a magician lol.

Karyn MacIntosh

Unlike physio where I experienced poor results over a long period Scott spent a few minutes each session pushing me back into shape and then spent the rest of the time strengthening my weakened muscles. After four sessions I was in 100% better shape and able to work out harder and longer helping me reach a fitness level I hadn’t seen in years. I recomend Scott to anyone I met with similar problems and everyone I know who has gone to him is experiencing the same amazing results

Erica Crichton

When I saw Scott I couldn’t deadlift without feeling pain, I was pulling 60kg, overloading myself with queues, I thought “there must be something wrong with my form” although I knew it was fine. Scott introduced me to a whole new thought process about form and helped educated me on pain through association, which fell in-line with my own research. Spending 5 hours with Scott and travelling from Bristol to Glasgow was the smartest decision I’ve made in a long time. Through and after the session I was deadlifting and squatting considerably better via techniques that were more than eyebrow raising but made 100% sense. I am squatting, deadlifting heavy again with a much better relationship and mindset about the lifts. If you have chronic back pain, and you want to lift pain free again… Go, go now.

Alec Piercy

Scott Sweetin

Stuart MacKay

Scott’s training techniques and advice have changed all this and for the first time in many years I can increase my training without pain and with a confidence that I will meet my next goal -a marathon in October!’ Gillian

Gillian Irvine

I had a course of very effective physiotherapy treatment administered by a colleague, which dealt with about 95% of the pain and most of the stiffness in the joint. However, I was left with persistent and annoying pins and needles in my hand, which progressed over time to wakening me 6-7 times a night and made working with the numbness a bit of a problem. When I started training with Scott I was initially unaware of how protective I had been of my shoulder. However, I found, over quite a few weeks my hand symptoms began to resolve and became a lot more manageable. The “off the wall” exercises such as hanging from bars and leaning on the back of my wrists seemed a bit odd!! But we persisted. I laughed when he told me I would be able to do backward and forward rolls through gymnastic rings. But he was right! As my strength, range of motion and power increased my painful pins and needles decreased and now I am never woken by those symptoms in the middle of the night!! I am delighted with the result.

Sue Simpson

Sean Reid

Ann O'Hare

Highly recommended!

Stuart Ainslie

As a golfer, I knew Scott specialised in golf fitness coaching where I wanted specific strength training whilst also improving my movement and flexibility which was hampering my game. I can honestly say that after only two weeks I noticed a big improvement in my range and freedom of movement. I am now able to swing as I want to without restriction and I’m now also pain free for the first time in many years. I would strongly recommend Scott for not only his friendly and professional approach but more importantly he listened to WHAT I WANTED!

Campbell Craig

I realised it worked, when I didn’t see you for 2 weeks and didn’t do any of your exercises at home, the pain came back again. So, it made me realise how important the movements are and to keep doing them…even at home! Thank you Scott, you’re a champ. Shirley Gallagher

Shirley Gallagher

Máire McCarney

Shauna Culshaw